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Vaccine Coercion / Great reading too 48 !
Last post by 46Ml - Today at 04:46:14
Hello !
Hi. A cool site that I found on the Internet.
Check out this site. There's a great article there.
There will definitely be a lot of useful and cool information here.
You will find everything you dreamed of.
Climate change / Artificial Intelligence or Art...
Last post by Excogitatoris - 10 Jun 24, 16:43:49
I have put the AI from Microsoft (Copilot) to the test.
Just ask some critical questions about the Greenhouse Effect model.
It keeps contradicting itself and can't answer basic logical questions.
Keeps referring to the same dogma's that don't make sense.
It eventually gives up because I am a skeptic and don't follow the consensus.
See attachment for full transcript.
Vaccine Coercion / Hypocrisy
Last post by Excogitatoris - 06 Jun 24, 15:10:37
In the Sky News Documentary Never Again: The fight Against Antisemitism, the rise of this phenomena is compared to what happened in Germany 1930's. Although I don't disagree with the sentiment of the documentary, it is also a display of profound hypocrisy.
Whilst the recent rise of antisemitism is due to lack of assimilation of culturally very different immigrants, driven by the virtue-signalling of the multicultural dream. It is ideology/religious driven hatred. Although Labor is reluctant to actively condemn it by pushing for a more equitable application of existing hate-speech laws, at least a bipartisan attack on the Greens has happened.
There is a difference in fighting, condoning and actively stimulating an unhealthy polarisation within society.
Where were al the soothing words on the polarisation with Covid? It was actually actively stimulated by government and nearly all politicians. This is actually even more in line with what happened in Germany 1930's. Even when it was clear that the vaccinations did not reduce infection and transmission and therefor no valid logical argument for mandates were present, the demonisation of the 'anti-vaxxers' continued (it actually hasn't stopped).
Families and friends are still split since then and talking about what happened is taboo. Talking about or investigating Excess-deaths is still taboo; it's all long-covid period.
Before anybody starts foaming with an opinion about how to reconcile the complex cycle of hatred in the Middle-East, maybe we should start at home and be honest about the nonsense that has happened during covid, that mandates don't have a public health basis, that persisting in the lies is worse than the initial lie, that the dogma to not discourage vaccinations went a few ethical steps to far.
First try to reconcile the deep wounds in our own society created by the panic, the dubious role of MSM and the acquiescence, before trying to better the rest of the world.
Climate change / Common Sense Test
Last post by Excogitatoris - 04 Jun 24, 16:02:55
Dry Ice is highly concentrated CO2 (Frozen). It is used in Aviation.
Is it used to keep your meals warm (using the Greenhouse Effect) or just to cool things?
And how does that work in the Atmosphere?

Achilles Heel of Democracy / Support
Last post by Excogitatoris - 04 Jun 24, 15:58:57 is an independant news & opinion channel that is an excellent alternative to MSM channels.
It is a Dutch streaming channel that also publishes many interesting independent Movies (English & English subtitled)

They deserve SUPPORT
Climate change / Climate The Movie
Last post by Excogitatoris - 21 Mar 24, 17:19:07
Watch and share this movie.
Another view opposing the MSM scare campaign.
The exposure of climate science!

Climate change / Thanks, +
Last post by Steveninake - 26 Feb 24, 07:48:29
 thank you very much
My daughter told me they talked about the Millennium Bug in school and how the whole class had a chuckle about this hyped fear that turned out to be nothing.
Unfortunately they were not taught that this kind of 'mass formation' still takes place and that they should be aware of mainstream media brainwashing.
What about the brainwashing topics of 'Climate Change' and the dangers of (Long) Covid?
Will my grand-children have a chuckle about these topics?
Not only during Corona the masses were hypnotised by the mainstream media.
This has been going on for years already. What about the narrative about 'Climate Change'?
Because all MSM channels have adopted that the CO2 is the driver of climate change, even those who argue against the energy transition don't dare to say: "Stop this because CO2 is not the driver of climate change!"
Truly mass psychosis.
Climate change / Even AI acknowledges that the ...
Last post by Excogitatoris - 19 Jul 23, 14:26:11
Interesting chat with the AI of ChatGPT:

The bias from the literature is clear. The inconsistency of the textbook model (TBM) of the Greenhouse Effect with the laws of thermodynamics is acknowledged. That the TBM is too simplistic is acknowledged, but you have to keep asking questions exposing the inconsistencies of the populist theory.