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Started by Excogitatoris, 06 Jun 24, 15:10:37

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In the Sky News Documentary Never Again: The fight Against Antisemitism, the rise of this phenomena is compared to what happened in Germany 1930's. Although I don't disagree with the sentiment of the documentary, it is also a display of profound hypocrisy.
Whilst the recent rise of antisemitism is due to lack of assimilation of culturally very different immigrants, driven by the virtue-signalling of the multicultural dream. It is ideology/religious driven hatred. Although Labor is reluctant to actively condemn it by pushing for a more equitable application of existing hate-speech laws, at least a bipartisan attack on the Greens has happened.
There is a difference in fighting, condoning and actively stimulating an unhealthy polarisation within society.
Where were al the soothing words on the polarisation with Covid? It was actually actively stimulated by government and nearly all politicians. This is actually even more in line with what happened in Germany 1930's. Even when it was clear that the vaccinations did not reduce infection and transmission and therefor no valid logical argument for mandates were present, the demonisation of the 'anti-vaxxers' continued (it actually hasn't stopped).
Families and friends are still split since then and talking about what happened is taboo. Talking about or investigating Excess-deaths is still taboo; it's all long-covid period.
Before anybody starts foaming with an opinion about how to reconcile the complex cycle of hatred in the Middle-East, maybe we should start at home and be honest about the nonsense that has happened during covid, that mandates don't have a public health basis, that persisting in the lies is worse than the initial lie, that the dogma to not discourage vaccinations went a few ethical steps to far.
First try to reconcile the deep wounds in our own society created by the panic, the dubious role of MSM and the acquiescence, before trying to better the rest of the world.


Another example of the rife hypocrisy of the journalist class:

Last week I have seen many 'proper' journalists state that Julian Assange is not a hero because he indiscriminately published information that put lives at risk. Non of them could mention a specific example of this. According to these 'proper' journalists there is a responsibility in checking your information before you publish.Therefore Julian is no hero and should actually be tried and serve a proper sentence.

I hope the same rigour will be applied by/for all these 'proper' journalists that have published and pushed uncritically "Safe and Effective" information, which actually killed a lot of people!