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Political Media LIES

Started by Excogitatoris, 09 Dec 21, 12:02:38

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"It is a pandemic of the Unvaccinated"
A phrase used by President Joe Biden and many other political leaders.
It is shallowed like honey by many.

But is is utter Bullshit. Hiding data and skewing stats conceal this BS.
There is a mathematical relation between Efficacy, Vaccination Rate and The Percentage of Vaccinated people that are breakthrough Cases.

For the elderly population groups (where the mortality risk is!) the vaccination rates are in many countries above 85% already. Even with an Efficacy of 80% (which is not the reality for these elderly age groups) the majority of cases will be vaccinated people. You can BS as much as you want but you cannot change clear cut mathematical relations based on scientific definitions.

No matter the political spin and propaganda, these jabs will never get this virus under control!