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See you in Nuremburg

Started by Juan, 10 Jun 21, 13:30:01

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Dear Doctor Mengele,

Your hypothesis is that the vaccines are safe and effective on the long term.
Your hypothesis is that the vaccines have sufficient efficacy in preventing spread and asymptomatic disease that we can reach 'herd immunity'.
The brave souls trialling to prove these hypotheses are "Uber-Menschen".
Anyone working with our vulnerable must be an "UberMensch" and if not, they are not worthy of having a job.

Sieg Heil!


History repeats ?


We have the first political prisoner in Australia!
Monica Smit of the RDA-party is arrested for 'incitement'.
People; Wake Up!
The health-nazis are rising.
You can do 3 things:
- Join the Nazis
- Standby and watch it unfold
- Rise up and resist!
How will you be judged in 20 years time?


Dan Andrews: "There will be a time, when all had the opportunity to get vaccinated, that unvaccinated will be locked out of health services"

......... silence in MSM!    ???

Now think about that for a moment. Doesn't it remind you of something?